Founded in 1964

by its actual chairman, Chairod Mahadumrongkul, with his stable family-run management and the dedicated staffs, COSMO disposes of its own sales office for watch dials and cases, the Cosmo Swiss branch in Bienne, Switzerland and in 1967, COSMO partnered with the group of Pusterla 1880 who contributes in marketing and sales of packaging & display for Switzerland and nearby European market.

With more than 58 years
of experience

Back to the year 1964, Mr. Chairod Mahadumrongkul started his COSMO business nearly from scratch. At the time, Cosmo barely had hi-technologies, experts and even market opportunity and did not seem to be able to attract any of the world's most powerful luxury watch brand from Switzerland to become its business partner like what we have seen in the present. We, at Cosmo, have been running our business ethically and honestly. We are always committed to perform our job consciously and deliberately. Thus, in getting our work done, we always start with getting the right understanding

We concentrate on tree core product areas Boxes & displays, watch dials, watch cases & accessories. Our quality standard contributes immensely to being behind leading brands. At COSMO. We harmonize our long experiences and full-scale manufacturing facilities with skillful people, as well as with automation and technology.